Friday, May 24, 2024

Topic: London

London: Diaspora organisations hold ‘vigil for democracy in India’ as anti-Muslim hate speech spikes around elections

15 diaspora organisations expressed their dismay at a ‘Vigil for Democracy in India’ event held at Parliament Square in London, on May 5, Sunday. 

Activists create ‘crime scene’ before Meta’s London HQ protesting its complicity in hate crimes

Meta’s London headquarters was stormed by activists of Indian origin, in protest against its complicity in spreading and profiting from hate-inciting Facebook posts and misinformation ahead of the 2024 Indian general election that starts on Friday.

Protest against Adani’s ‘greenwashing’ at London Science Museum

Climate groups, the Indian diaspora organization South Asia Solidarity Group, and pro-Palestinian organizations protested the opening of a new gallery sponsored by the Indian conglomerate Gautam Adani's Green Energy at the London Science Museum. The Adani-sponsored gallery, named Adani Green Energy Gallery, opened on Monday, aims to showcase how renewable energy can combat climate change.

London: Half a million march in pro-Palestine protest

Half a million pro-Palestine supporters poured onto the streets of central London on Saturday to demand Israel halt its bombing campaign and siege of the Gaza Strip after the heaviest night of bombing yet.

London rally on India’s Independence Day denounces ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Manipur, Haryana states

Hundreds of protesters gathered in London on India’s 77th Independence Day to voice their concerns about the ongoing violence against minorities and tribals in Indian states, Manipur and Haryana.

Pressure mounts on UK govt to speak out against Islamophobia in India as thousands took to streets

In the wake of reports that Muslims are on the brink of genocide in India, pressure mounts on the United Kingdom government to act against India’s growing Islamophobia. Lawmakers, politicians, and activists jointly demanded the UK government strengthen its stand to stop India from its anti-Muslim policies.