Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Topic: Malabar

Northern Kerala: Inadequate seats in higher secondary schools leave thousands in uncertainty

For years, the shortage of seats in 11th grade in government schools and other gateways has hampered the dreams of thousands of students in Northern Kerala, commonly known as Malabar.

Kerala: Nearly 2 lakh eligible students left out after Plus One second allotment

“I got A Plus for all my subjects, I do not know nor understand why I couldn’t secure a seat.”, says Diya, a student who passed out with flying colors. 

1921 Malabar Rebellion leaders to be removed from India’s dictionary of martyrs: Report

At least 387 leaders of 1921 Malabar Rebellion including Variamkunnath Kunhamed Haji and Ali Musaliar who were considered among the most powerful enemies of the British colonization, will be removed from the Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle

Variyamkunnath Kunjahammed Haji; 99 years of martyrdom

“I heard that you people shoot prisoners from behind after blindfolding them. I want you to shoot me from the front without blindfolding me. I want to die seeing the soil of this land.”