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Malikah Shabazz, daughter of civil rights legend Malcolm X dies at 56

Malikah Shabazz, daughter of slain Black civil rights leader Malcolm X, died Monday.

One night in Miami and the language of cause

The film offers the lived experiences of these epoch-making black men who are at the threshold of endearing an important phase in their lives, it discusses their roles in the civil rights movement and cultural upheaval of the 60s in America, simultaneously attempting to reveal deeper humanity of the characters and so of the viewers as well.

My father Malcolm X continues to inspire people today: Ilyasah Shabazz

Ilyasah Shabazz was just 2 years old when her father Malcolm X was gunned down at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem on Feb. 21,...

42 Quotes From The Autobiography of Malcolm X That Are More Relevant Than Ever

“It has always been my belief that I, too, will die by violence. I have done all that I can to be prepared.” [

42 Qoutes From The Autobiography of Malcom X That Are More Relevant Than Ever

“Any person who claims to have deep feeling for other human beings should think a long, long time before he votes to have other men kept behind bars – caged. I am not saying there shouldn’t be prisons, but there shouldn’t be bars. Behind bars, a man never reforms. He will never forget. He never will get completely over the memory of the bars.”