Sunday, June 23, 2024

Topic: men

Why women should stop saying #notallmen?

The mental trauma women and non-men undergo because of #notallmen is palpable and it's even more when fellow women does it. Generalizing by #allmen would make men to be guilty and that guilty is for good. It will help in breaking the socially constructed masculinity which time and again turns toxic.

Believe, where it is all about the men in #metoo

Watch the video that was inspired by real stories shared by real men

Dear Look At What They Have Made You Into,

More than for what I have put you through, I am honestly guilty for how they are heading you through. Ending up with, please don't forget to bring out a change in our system and include them in your revenge list before setting off to take it all just on me. Cause I just raped your body, while they raped your pride and dignity. They are as guilty as I am. Aren't they?

To The Man Who Wants A Woman To Bleed Red On Their First Night…

When she was 15, her boyfriend wasn't her lover. He was a thief, stole her first kiss.