Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Topic: Metoo

SFI leaders face sexual harassment allegations by students in Delhi University, EFLU, Pondicherry University

There have been sexual harassment allegations against leaders of the Students' Federation of India (SFI) in Delhi University, EFLU Hyderabad and Pondicherry University. Following many complaints, including from minor students, on social media, the accused campus unit leaders were suspended from the party.

Court acquits Priya Ramani in criminal defamation case by MJ Akbar

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate on Wednesday acquitted #Metoo whistle blower Priya Ramani in criminal defamation case by former minister MJ Akbar. "Right of reputation...

Five of IIT Roorkee professors face sexual harrassment allegations

In a statement, the institute administration said it had received a formal complaint of misconduct against the student a few months back. It was filed by her supervisor. The student then filed a complaint against the supervisor, which was investigated and she was assigned two new supervisors, IIT Roorkee said.

Believe, where it is all about the men in #metoo

Watch the video that was inspired by real stories shared by real men

Kerala: Government and film industry comes forward to constitute Internal Complaints Committee at film sets

The Kerala government is going to mandate the formation of internal complaints committee in film industry as WCC has urged its creation since the collective's inception

‘Me’ in #MetooIndia: Anti-caste feminist statement on Metoo movement of India

We have been wondering about the ‘me’ in #metooindia and have not been able to locate ourselves in this current framework. Our points of assertion in dealing with violence of various forms have always been based on our collective consciousness.