Sunday, May 26, 2024

Topic: Moral policing

“Support Mahsa Amini while donning hijab”: India’s pro-hijab activists on Iran protest

“I can stand in support of Mahsa Amini even while donning a hijab.” 

An appeal to the education minister of Kerala and the teachers of the University College, Thiruvananthapuram

We request you to undertake immediate measures to democratize the atmosphere in college campuses in Kerala, so that the education imparted there enables all students to emerge as confident, responsible citizens committed to democracy and openness. We appeal to the teachers of the University College to stand openly by the values of the Indian Constitution, and the rights of women students in this decisive moment.

Institutionalizing moral policing and patriarchy- New rules for women in St. Aloysius College

'' Just when the student, almost in tears, is about to leave to follow his orders, he screams his lungs out in the gathering, “And if you come to college dressed like this again, I will make you take off all the clothes right there and walk naked in front of the whole college. ''