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“She kept asking about her son.” Family, activists mourn death of Siddique Kappan’s mother

"Mother's health was better when he (Siddique Kappan) came home once to meet her. But it worsened when he was taken back to jail" said Raihana Siddique, wife of arrested Kerala journalist Siddique Kappan.

Jailed journalist Siddique Kappan’s mother dies at 90

Khadeeja Kutty, mother of arrested Kerala journalist Siddique Kappan, passed away on Friday.

Kashmir: Mother dies of heart attack after son dragged away during night raid

A 60-year-elderly woman died of a heart attack while her child was being hauled away by Jammu and Kashmir police during a night assault at about 2:30 a.m on Thursday, eyewitnesses from the family said.

Extra things to thank mothers for in 2020

Every year we celebrate Mother’s Day and show our appreciation for mothers everywhere, in all shapes and forms. Their immeasurable contributions shape the lives and futures of our next generations.