Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Topic: Movie Review

Oppenheimer: A spellbinding journey into the atomic age is Christopher Nolan’s finest yet

What makes a Christopher Nolan film? Many argue the unmatched cinematography, the technical sharpness, and the seamless dilution of the cinematic apparatus into the plot. Many believe it is the experience of the film, the raw and pedantic dialogues spoken by the deliberately humane characters within a fantastical plot and conversely, the fantastical script etched within a realistic plot. Oppenheimer is both — and much more. 

Qala: Hollow aesthetics contradicting reality

The author engages with how Qala, a period drama lacks historical substance and tends to ignore the realities of the social milieu in which it is located.

KGF 2 – Bigger, massier and better

KGF 2 is a great theatre experience. More than anything, one could see effort in every frame.

Minari: Unbounded ‘American dream’

Minari portraits the American dream of the Korean immigrant Yi family who moves from California to their new plot of land in rural Arkansas...

Nomadland: A hard hitting portrayal of the unseen side of America

Undoubtedly, Fern is the unforgettable center of Chloé Zhao’s masterful “Nomadland,” a movie that finds poetry in the story of a seemingly average woman.

The ethics of seeing: Watching Halal Love Story

The cinema tries to trace a specific time period of a Muslim everyday.