Saturday, December 2, 2023

Topic: Muslim Women

Nadia Kahf; Muslim woman becomes 1st headscarf-wearing judge in US

US attorney Nadia Kahf has been appointed to the New Jersey Superior Court, becoming the first hijab-wearing judge on the bench.

Muslim women from pogrom hit northeast Delhi allege wrongful termination from NGO

Muslim workers from a non governmental organisation (NGO) SEWA Bharat have alleged discrimination against the organisation. The women who were terminated from the organisation are mainly from anti-Muslim pogrom hit northeast Delhi.

Photos: Thousands of Muslim women pray during protests against eviction in Uttarakhand

As many as 4000 families face eviction in Uttarakhand's Haldwani area after the high court had ordered the demolition following a Hindu right wing sympathiser approached the court claiming the Muslim dominant locality is an encroachment on a piece of Indian Railway land.

Muslims make history in American midterm elections

Jetpac Resource Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a final count of 82 local, state legislative, statewide, judicial, and federal American...

US midterm polls: Ruwa Romman, Palestinian, becomes first Muslim woman elected to Georgia House

Ruwa Romman, 29, is the first Muslim woman elected to the Georgia House of Representatives. Romman who won the American midterm elections, is a Palestinian American.

Nabilah Islam, daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, becomes first Muslim woman to win Georgia’s state Senate

Nabilah Islam, 32, will be the first Muslim woman elected to Georgia’s state Senate, representing a suburban Atlanta district in the United States.