Sunday, May 26, 2024

Topic: Nalanda University

Multiple Cases of Sexual Harassment in Nalanda University. The Vice-Chancellor Protecting the Accused , Students Says

"The VC has been conciliatory in his attitude towards someone whose guilt has been proved by the ICC. Any delays in execution of ICC's orders reveals the underbelly of the nepotistic attitude and sheltering of such accused persons within the University premises." A student from the second batch of University told Maktoob Media. "Protest meeting in the Interim Campus tomorrow morning," added another student from the second batch.

Higher Education innovative approaches in India ;Nalanda and Ashoka Universities

Taking care of global debates, historical and contemporary, innovations in education in India are quite rich to reflect upon. Nalanda and Ashoka Universities are the new leaders in the field, especially in Humanities and thought leaders.

Universities must be the bastions of free speech, says President Pranab Mukherjee

Ancient Nalanda was known for the high level of debate and discussion it nurtured. It was not a mere geographical expression but it reflected an idea and a culture.