Sunday, June 23, 2024

Topic: pandemic

How worried should we be about the pneumonia outbreak in China?

C Raina MacIntyre, UNSW Sydney; Ashley Quigley, UNSW Sydney; Haley Stone, UNSW Sydney, and Rebecca Dawson, UNSW Sydney Reports of a surge in pneumonia-like illness...

Audiences’ viewing pattern changed massively due to pandemic, lockdowns: Samantha

Telugu actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu said that one can’t deny the fact that movie audiences’ viewing pattern has changed massively due to the pandemic and the lockdowns.

Has the pandemic changed our personalities?

For many of us, some personality traits stay the same throughout our lives while others change only gradually. However, evidence shows that significant events in our personal lives which induce severe stress or trauma can be associated with more rapid changes in our personalities.

Covid infection may increase risk of Parkinson’s: Study

The SARS-CoV-2 virus could increase the probability of the brain degeneration found in Parkinson' disease, in keeping with a study in mice. COVID-19 patients...

Rich nations, big pharma still blocking ‘early exit’ from pandemic: Experts

In a scathing letter on Wednesday, more than 300 public health experts, academics, labour leaders, and activists accused rich countries of denying the world an...

New COVID wave a reminder pandemic is ‘far from over’: Guterres

Governments and pharmaceutical companies need to work together in a better way, to deliver vaccines “to every person, everywhere” – not simply in the wealthiest nations, said the UN chief on Friday.