Sunday, December 3, 2023

Topic: Pellet

India using pellet guns to maim, blind, kill Kashmiris, rights watchdog slams police action on Muharram processions

The Indian authorities should prohibit security forces in Jammu and Kashmir from using shotguns firing metal pellets to disperse crowds, Human Rights Watch said on Friday.

Kashmir: Police fire pellet guns on Muharram procession

Indian police have fired shotgun pellets to disperse hundreds of Shia Muslims participating in a Muharram procession in Kashmir, injuring dozens in Kashmir on Saturday.

From treating bullet wounds to corona patients, Kashmir doctors brave odds in the Valley

The medics have treated victims of bullets, pellet-guns, and tear-gas canister explosion amidst months-long sieges and lockdown. The outbreak of coronavirus, however, has thrown a renewed challenge to doctors in Kashmir despite their experiences.

Following Naikoo’s encounter, 12 civilians hit by pellets in eyes in Army attack

"I don't know whether I will recover my eyesight."