Saturday, April 20, 2024

Topic: Poem

Video: Palestinian journalist Plestia Alaqad reads her poem ‘Only in Gaza’

Palestinian journalist and writer Plestia Alaqad shares a poem with Middle East Eye's Mohamed Hassan during a conversation about the power of storytelling, leaving Gaza and what the world is still missing in the way it sees Palestine.

They removed my hijab

Dr Zoya Ayesha Went in for theinterview,but didn’t face anystrict view;my heart was leapingwith joy,naively thinking myHijab didn’t annoy. Joined from the nextday,not wanting anyfurther delay;debuted...

A ghazal for this land

They laugh when I say men can be exiled within their land, Some run from tens of them on roads or in their minds in this land.

Video | A letter poem to Professor Hany Babu

Hany Babu's student at Delhi University and an academic publishing professional Shivangi Mariam Raj wrote this poem "Dear Hany, This is just to say" in November last year, four months Hany's arrest by NIA.

Dear Hany, this is just to say

In the utterance of word, there hunches a mountain that I must climb—and just when I begin to plant my feet on the burly mountain-limb, it collapses into tiny mounds of alphabet I struggle to assemble.

Poems from the ‘other’ side

From banning artists to setting up a fundamentalist narrative around poems of Faiz Ahmad Faiz- the populist regime has tried it all. Another reason for this hate has been the progressive approach of poets like Faiz and Habib Jalib. So, the aim of these translations is to write back to the ‘populist’ regime with love like Urdu always has. I dedicate these poems to all the sane souls of both sides of the border.