Friday, May 24, 2024

Topic: Poetry

Ek Khumar ki Shaam (An evening of intoxication): A visit to Khumar Barabankvi’s home

Sitting in the drawing room where Khumar saheb used to sit with various famous shayars and poets was an amazing feeling for all of us.

Shalim Hussain’s ‘I am Miyah’ wins PEN Translates award

Poet and scholar Shalim Hussain on Tuesday won the English PEN’s flagship translation award 2021 for I am Miyah: Poetry and Song by Bengali-Muslims in Assam.

Video | A letter poem to Professor Hany Babu

Hany Babu's student at Delhi University and an academic publishing professional Shivangi Mariam Raj wrote this poem "Dear Hany, This is just to say" in November last year, four months Hany's arrest by NIA.

Indian Rumis and the shadows of anti-Muslim violence

Recently, while the discussion around demuslimization of Maulana Rumi was gaining momentum, I was going through a collection of poetry of Dr. Bashir Badr, it suddenly stuck with me how we often reduce him to romantic poetry, taking cue from Maulana Rumi’s romanticization. Dr. Badr was born in Babri Masjid’s Faizabad, now Ayodhya, is a poet bearing the trauma of Anti-Muslim Meerut violence.

Noted Urdu poet Rahat Indori dies in Indore hospital

Noted Urdu poet Dr. Rahat Indori died following a massive heart attack on Tuesday, a day after he was admitted to a hospital upon testing COVID-19 positive.

Poems from the ‘other’ side

From banning artists to setting up a fundamentalist narrative around poems of Faiz Ahmad Faiz- the populist regime has tried it all. Another reason for this hate has been the progressive approach of poets like Faiz and Habib Jalib. So, the aim of these translations is to write back to the ‘populist’ regime with love like Urdu always has. I dedicate these poems to all the sane souls of both sides of the border.