Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Topic: Population control bill

An unconstitutional draft population control Bill that must go

Uttar Pradesh Law Commission released a draft of “The Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, stabilization, and welfare) Bill 2021” (hereafter referred to as ‘the Bill’) is an attack on the rights of the marginalized groups (women, disabled and minority), privacy, with no rationale and manifestly vague.

How Uttar Pradesh’s population bill is failing marginalised groups and vulnerable individuals?

Make no mistake, there is overwhelming public support to these population control laws in India, especially from educated Indian middle class, which assumes that India’s every social and economic problem can be solved through population control measures, rather than addressing root causes of growing reasons of growing income inequality and social backwardness of various lower caste and religious communities. Yet, the popular discourse still makes us believe that population control measures are a ‘magical wand’ to solve each and every problem faced by marginalised and under-privileged communities.

UP’s Population Control Bill is constitutionally, legally questionable: Welfare Party

Reacting to the Uttar Pradesh government’s draft of the proposed population control bill, Welfare Party of India national president Dr SQR Ilyas on Sunday said that the proposed bill by BJP government in UP is constitutionally and legally questionable.