Sunday, May 19, 2024

Topic: Pro-Israel positions

Kerala CM meets Israel official, announces ’possibilities of collaboration’

Kerala Chief Minister and CPI(M) senior leader Pinarayi Vijayan met an Israel delegation, headed by Tammy Ben-Haim, Consul General of Israel in South India on Tuesday and said the meeting was ‘enriching.’

St. Stephen’s College must back off from collaboration with Zionist PR event, demand Delhi University student orgs

The Delhi University units of All India Students' Association (AISA), Students' Islamic Organisation (SIO), Campus Front of India (CFI), Muslim Students' Federation (MSF), Bhagat Singh Chatra Ektha Manch (BSCEM) and Democratic Students' Union (DSU) have condemned the Delhi University's move to conduct a seminar series on Holocaust in collaboration with Israel Embassy and Yad Vashem centre.

Normalizing Israeli claims: Nas Daily attempts to misconstruct Palastinean resist

This is what the face of Nas Daily, Nusseir Yassin who has more than 6 million followers in facebook said in his Wednesday's video. This points out to the position that he neither stands with the oppressed nor addresses the real issue. The equal footing policy he has taken in his previous political based videos is evident over here too.