Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Topic: Queen Elizabeth

In memory of Queen Elizabeth: Are we acknowledging roots of our imperial trajectories?

The post-colonial identity of India stands with the masses who are still bridled with economic woes, developmental stagnation, illiteracy, inequality, human rights violations, and the oriental identity.

After Queen’s death, victims of British imperialism say “no mourning”

BRETT WILKINS As millions of Britons and admirers the world over mourned Queen Elizabeth II's death Thursday, others—especially in nations formerly colonized by the British Empire—voiced reminders of...

Muslim Council of Britain expresses ‘sorrow’ over demise of Queen Elizabeth II

The Muslim Council of Britain has expressed their “sorrow” over the news of the Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, has died at the age of 96.