Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Topic: Rap

15 year old rapper Saniya making waves at Mumbai’s slum

"I’ve grown up in a slum and have seen poverty very closely, I know what it is like to sleep empty stomach every other night, my father is a autodriver and my mother runs a small confectionery but they have still provided me and my brother the best they could," Saniya says to Maktoob.

UP: Dalit schoolgirl gang-raped by six men, 3 arrested

The class XII student who went for a ride on her scooty with two school friends, was dragged from her two-wheeler, assaulted and gang-raped by six men in Bhagwanpur Dhimri village on May 31.

‘Azadi is the new Hindustani beat.’ Jamia student’s rap song blasting regime brutality against CAA protests

Released in light of the havoc wreaked by the CAA and NRC, the Streetocracy says 'Azadi is the new Hindustani Beat'.

Pulitzer for Lamar: The First Rap Artist to Win

A monumental history for Hip-hop and rap was made on Monday, when the Pulitzer award for music went to Kendrick Lamar for his music album DAMN, making him the first rapper to win an award that is otherwise reserved for classical or jazz music that is considered to be more elite in nature.