Saturday, December 9, 2023

Topic: Refugee

UN appeals for rescue of Rohingya adrift in Andaman Sea

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR), on Monday, called for immediate efforts to search and rescue a group of Rohingya refugees, who have been adrift on the Andaman Sea for over a week.

Pandemic worsening food insecurity, driving displacement, warn UN agencies

Global hunger and population displacement, which were already at record levels when COVID-19 struck, could “surge” as migrants and those reliant on a dwindling flow of remittances desperately seek work to support their families, a new UN report has warned.

Genocide Day: Rohingyas worldwide to hold online marathon rally on 25 August

Three years on, the Rohingya Muslim minority on 25 August, will commemorate the crackdown by Myanmar's armed forces and police which drove away hundreds of thousands from their lands.

World Refugee Day: Refugees and displaced face a pandemic of poverty

On this World Refugee Day, I call for greater global solidarity and action to include and support refugees, internally displaced and stateless people as well as their hosts.

500 Rohingyas stranded at sea, countries say it’s not their responsibility

Some 500 Rohingya refugees stranded on board two fishing trawlers in the Bay of Bengal after being rejected by Malaysia, which has imposed restrictions on all boats in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus response flaws put older Rohingya refugees in imminent danger

Older Rohingya refugees in overcrowded camps in Bangladesh are being left behind in the humanitarian response to COVID-19, which could have devastating consequences given the high risks older people everywhere face from this deadly pandemic, Amnesty International said.