Saturday, March 2, 2024

Topic: Refugees

Rohingya group urges for protection after killing of 39-year-old refugee in Hyderabad

Mohammed Ibrahim, a 39-year-old Rohingya refugee from Myanmar, was killed in front of his residence at Wadi-e-Shaheen in Hyderabad on Sunday. He was stabbed...

Debunking myths, misinformation: Truth about Rohingya Refugees in Jammu

Despite the presence of Rohingya refugees in the Jammu region of India, there are numerous misconceptions and falsehoods surrounding their situation.

78 dead after boat with refugees and migrants sinks off Greece

At least 78 people have died and many more are feared missing after a fishing boat carrying refugees and migrants capsized and sank off the southern coast of Greece.

Lessons for Ukraine from Rohingya crisis: even sympathetic communities can lose their enthusiasm

The land Rohingyas have set up their camp was offered Zakat Foundation of India, an NGO in India. Farah Rafeeq/Maktoob Palash Kamruzzaman, University of...

Jammu: 25 Rohingyans detained, Amnesty says “egregious violation of international law”

Amnesty India on Friday condemned India's detention of 25 Rohingyan refugees in Jammu & Kashmir’s Ramban district, calling the move "an abject dereliction of...

“Ugly reality”; Black, Brown people fleeing Ukraine not receiving same treatment as Ukrainian refugees

The head of UN refugee agency UNHCR, spoke out on Monday against the “ugly reality” that some refugees fleeing across the Ukraine border, and Third Country Nationals, have been subjected to racism and discrimination.