Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Topic: Rural India

Half of rural Indian students struggle with basic division: Report

The Annual Status of Education Report 2023, unveiled on Wednesday, indicated that over 50% of rural Indian students aged 14 to 18 struggle with basic division problem-solving.

Scientist quits job, starts self-designed pedagogy

Mohammad Sajid Hussain was a scientist with a promising job at National Aerospace Laboratory. But he wanted to return home. In Chitarpur, his native village...

‘Our plight is overlooked’ lament ASHA workers

"We don't get a monthly salary, the payment is based on tasks, like a task wage. For example, When the baby is born, we visit the home and take care of both the baby and the mother for 42 days, and visit them 7 times and when 42 days are complete, we're paid a meagre amount of Rs 250," says Usha (name changed), one of the Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers from Chaukhutia in Uttarakhand.

‘Even 24 hours of work is not enough’

In government schools in West Bengal's villages, cleaning staff and mid-day meal workers are hired part time, which ensures low salaries and no benefits, and forces the women to do multiple jobs