Friday, June 14, 2024

Topic: Sexual harrassment

Twitter remains indifferent to reports of violence against women

The international organization said that Twitter has asked them for a clarification on the definition of “problematic” in accordance with “the need to protect free expression and ensure policies are clearly and narrowly drafted

Five of IIT Roorkee professors face sexual harrassment allegations

In a statement, the institute administration said it had received a formal complaint of misconduct against the student a few months back. It was filed by her supervisor. The student then filed a complaint against the supervisor, which was investigated and she was assigned two new supervisors, IIT Roorkee said.

Women’s testimonies prove that the senior journalist Gauridasan Nair is a serial sexual predator

A number of women journalists has accused Mr, Gauridasan Nair, resident editor of The Hindu who resigned after the allegations were surfaced.