Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Topic: Sheikh Jarrah

Israel accused of ‘war crime’ of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Sheikh Jarrah

Governments around the world on Wednesday joined human rights advocates in condemning Israeli authorities' forced expulsion of a Palestinian family and the demolition of their...

Israel demolishes Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli forces on Wednesday destroyed the home of a Palestinian family in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Salhiya house, home for 18...

Palestine: Sheikh Jarrah residents reject “protected tenants” status offered by Israeli court

The residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood have rejected the Israeli Supreme Courts’ proposal in a statement asserting that they “refuse to compromise” on their rights and “submit to an oppressive agreement.”

Muna El Kurd’s convocation speech reflects stance of Palestinian youth that they “are here to stay”

23 year old Muna El Kurd has been at the forefront of the protests against Israel's forceful expulsion of Palestinian families in occupied East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Recently, in her graduation speech from Birzeit University, she stresses how education is a far-reaching “weapon” towards ending the “Nakba that hasn’t ended since 1948."

Israeli police briefly detains and assaults Al Jazeera journalist

Givara Budeiri, a veteran journalist who works with Al Jazeera Arabic has been released from custody several hours after she was arrested by Israeli police while covering a protest Sheikh Jarrah in Palestine on Saturday.

Sheikh Jarrah: After Muna, Israel arrests her twin Mohammed al-Kurd

Israeli forces on Sunday arrested the outspoken twins from Sheikh Jarrah activists, Muna al-Kurd and Mohammed al-Kurd. Muna and Muhammed, who is forced to...