Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Topic: technology

Thumbs-up emoji sent on text message can represent contract agreement, rules Canadian court

A Canadian court has ruled that the “thumbs-up” emoji is just as valid as a signature, arguing that courts need to adapt to the “new reality” of how people communicate. Judge TJ Keene of the King's Bench for Saskatchewan ordered a farmer to pay $61,442 for an unfulfilled contract.

Facebook failed to take action against fake accounts linked with BJP MP Vinod Sonkar

Facebook did nothing to stop fraudulent accounts linked to BJP MP Vinod Sonkar, who is currently the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Ethics, according...

UN rights expert says emerging technologies entrenching racism, xenophobia

An independent UN human rights expert is calling for greater scrutiny of emerging digital technologies which she said are being used to uphold racial inequality, discrimination and intolerance.

Asia’s Largest Show on Smart and Safe Mobility Opens in Mumbai

The 8th edition of Traffic InfraTech expo along with Parking InfraTech and Smart Mobility expo open in Mumbai on November 20 with participation from over 100 exhibitors from different countries including USA, the UK, UAE, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Australia, China and Italy showcasing their products and solutions for Traffic and Parking Management.

Starkey launches ‘WeCare’; national hearing health program to help governments and health ministries

People with hearing challenges in the UAE can experience the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) embedded hearing aids at the AccessAbilities Expo. Starkey shared its ‘national hearing health program’ called Starkey ‘WeCare’ at the show. This program helps governments and ministries of health, implement hearing health services framework for their citizens, in a result proven and direct impact methodology.

Daily exposure to blue light may accelerate aging, even if it doesn’t reach your eyes

Human lifespan has increased dramatically over the past century as we've found ways to treat diseases, and at the same time we have been spending more and more time with artificial light