Friday, June 21, 2024

Topic: transgender bill

Transgender Persons Act: Sordid implications of a failed law

Post the passing of ‘Transgender Persons (Protectionof Rights) Act, 2019’; A string of volitional mistakes have made it harder for trans folk to avail the benefits that were meant for them.

Why trans in India is calling Constitution Day as Gender Justice Murder Day?

The transgender community has opposed the Bill vehemently, with activists calling Constitution Day a ‘Gender Justice Murder Day’ for the community.

‘It violates right to self-identity and constitutional rights’. Why Transpersons criticise the new Bill?

Transgender, intersex and gender non confirming community from across the country and allies have together opposed this amended Bill, which apart from an improved definition of the term transgender, continues to be unacceptable and needs to be redrafted or withdrawn.

Transgender Rights Bill becomes law in Chile

The transgender bill signed into law on Wednesday defines gender identity as a personal conviction of whether a person sees himself or herself as male or female, irrespective of their physical state or the gender or name assigned to them in the country's civic register.