Sunday, April 14, 2024

Topic: Ukraine Russia crisis

War in Ukraine: Journalists constantly risking their lives

Several media crews have already come under fire and four reporters have sustained gunshot injuries in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion less than two weeks ago.

Ukraine says 280 schools attacked since start of Russian invasion

Ukraine’s minister of education has said more than 280 educational facilities have been damaged or destroyed by "bombing and shelling."

Putin slams sanctions as ‘illegitimate’

President Vladimir Putin has denounced sanctions imposed on Russia as “illegitimate”.

Russia, Ukraine hold first high-level talks since war began

The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine are holding face-to-face talks in Turkey in the first high-level contact between the two sides since Moscow launched its invasion on 24 February.

Moscow accuses Washington of waging ‘economic war’ on Russia

Moscow has accused the United States of declaring an economic war on Russia and put Washington on notice that it is carefully weighing how to respond to a newly-announced ban on imports of Russian oil and gas to the country.

Russia warns the West: Our sanctions will hurt you

Russia has warned the West that it is working on a broad response to sanctions that would be swift and felt in the West’s most sensitive areas.