Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Topic: US

US: Eight people killed in shooting at Texas shopping mall

A gunman has shot and killed eight people and wounded at least seven others at a busy shopping mall in the United States’s Texas.

Historic indictment: Donald Trump hit with 34 criminal charges

The former US president Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony criminal charges during a court hearing in New York on Tuesday.

Meet US senator Aisha Wahab who faces Islamophobic slurs for introducing anti-caste bill

Aisha Wahab, the California state lawmaker said she received threats and Islamophobic slurs after introducing a bill on March 22 in the California State Senate against caste discrimination.

Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter accused of spying

A Moscow court has arrested Evan Gershkovich, a US reporter with the Wall Street Journal suspected of espionage, the state TASS news agency reported.

Nadia Kahf; Muslim woman becomes 1st headscarf-wearing judge in US

US attorney Nadia Kahf has been appointed to the New Jersey Superior Court, becoming the first hijab-wearing judge on the bench.

“One of the greatest crimes against humanity”: World remembers 20th anniversary of US invasion of Iraq

Starting on March 19, 2003, a coalition consisting of US, UK, Australian, and Polish soldiers began bombing Iraq, followed by a ground invasion the next day.