Thursday, February 22, 2024

Topic: White Supremacy

US: Ahmaud Arbery’s killers sentenced to life in prison without parole

Three white men who murdered 25-year-old black jogger, Ahmaud Arbery last year in Georgia were sentenced Friday to life in prison. Georgia Judge Timothy Walmsley denied...

Jury convicts all 3 white assailants for Ahmaud Arbery Murder

A Georgia jury on Wednesday found three men guilty as charged for the 2020 murder of unarmed Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery. "A jury with only...

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty; Racial justice advocates feel gutted

Racial justice advocates reacted with outrage and a complete lack of surprise Friday after a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury found Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all...

Flags of India, Israel seen amid US Capitol rioters

An Indian tricolor spotted in the crowds of white-supremacists, suggesting Indian-origin backers were also present in the attendance.

Black lives do not matter in America: Floyd’s brother at UN [Video]

George Floyd's brother on Wednesday requested the United Nations to help African Americans because "Black lives do not matter in the United States".

I’m tired, I’m tired of the pain: George Floyd’s brother

George Floyd's brother testified Wednesday at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on issues of racial profiling, police brutality and lost trust between police departments and the communities they serve.