Sunday, June 16, 2024

I don’t have a choice to remain silent: Safoora Zargar

For Safoora Zargar, a Muslim student leader, hardly a day goes by​ without online abuse from India’s right-wing trolls for her dissent against Modi’s Hindutva regime. But none of it could silence her from asking difficult questions to the establishment.

Zargar speaks to Maktoob about the traumatising chronicle of hate that goes unchecked in India against Muslim women.

“Basically, I decided to say whatever I wanted to, irrespective of what people are saying about me because I also did not want to give them the comfort of my silence. That’s what they want, to shut up a woman, assassinate her character, dehumanise her, and she’s just going to run away,” says Zargar.

“But, then in my case, for me as a person, there was no choice, no way to escape it”.



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