Monday, June 17, 2024

1.6 million deaths likely to hit china, if COVID zero policy abandoned

A peer-reviewed scientific study has pointed out that China’s ongoing campaign would be insufficient to prevent the upcoming new omicron wave.

Researchers at Shanghai’s Fudan University have said that a “tsunami” of coronavirus deaths could happen, if China abandons its long held Covid Zero policy.

As the nation now relies more on the less effective domestic vaccine shots, and with a lower vaccine rate amongst the elderly population, the state is now becoming “insufficient” in its covid preventive measure, says the peer reviewed article that appeared in the journal, Nature.

The study also predicts, if the nation continues its loose approach towards strict lockdown and mass testing drives, the spread of omicron may rise upto 112.2 million symptomatic cases, 5.1 million hospital admissions and 1.6 million deaths between this May and July.

The study should be kept in the context of a similar modeling from the Peking University. Also the recent call given by the WHO’s General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has asked China to rethink its Zero Tolerance strategy, saying the approach no longer is helping as the country’s economy is suffering.

The new Omicron wave is spreading across Europe and some parts of Central America, and the countries now are moving towards tightening restrictions. While, this study from China, has countered the WHO General’s remark on easing the restrictions.


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