Sunday, February 25, 2024

Qatar Crisis: Buzzing the Israeli

“Such measures have never been imposed on any enemy states, let alone a friendly and sister states in the Gulf Corporation Council” say Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani on the dismissal of diplomatic ties between Qatar.

While Turkey, Iran and Qatar are on one side of the collide with Saudi, Bahrain, Egypt and two other nations on the latter side , the entire Muslim population looks forward to a rebound of this GCC severance . Although Qatar remains determined with their allegiance, it can be pointed out that it’s a whale of time for the Israeli through the lines stated by Israeli Defense Minister Avidgor Libreman, “There is no doubt that this opens up possibilities for corporation in the fight against terrorism” who have undermined Hamas with the pretext of terrorism.

This crisis spreads out the ‘opportunities’ for those Nations who look forward to this disassociation of the sibling states and it can also weaken the Palestinian suit. The Middle East as well as others want the Muslim leaders to soon realize the depth of consequences and to comprehend the situation as soon as possible.

Compiled by Tenaaz Mohazin ( Intern at Maktoob Media)


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