Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Astrazeneca withdraws Covid vaccine, weeks after report on rare side effects

Weeks after admitting that its Covid vaccine can cause rare side effects, AstraZeneca Tuesday announced that it is withdrawing the Oxford-AstraZeneca novel coronavirus shot worldwide.

AstraZeneca said the vaccine was being removed from markets for commercial reasons.

The vaccine was no longer being manufactured or supplied, after being superseded by updated vaccines which have the capability to tackle new variants, The Telegraph reported.

According to a Reuters report, the company said that they’re also stopping the sale of their vaccine, Vaxzevria, in Europe. They explained that since other vaccines have been made for different versions of COVID-19, fewer people want Vaxzevria, so they’re not making or selling it anymore.

The move comes shortly after AstraZeneca admitted that their vaccine can cause issues like blood clots and low blood platelets. In court documents from February, AstraZeneca acknowledged that Covishield can, in extremely rare instances, trigger TTS or Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome.

The company is being sued by more than 50 alleged victims and relatives in a High Court case.

The drugmaker faces a £100 million lawsuit in the UK over claims that the Covid jab caused deaths and injuries to several people.


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