Monday, April 22, 2024

Biden says ‘will not fight World War III in Ukraine’

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he would not fight the “World War III” in Ukraine. He pledged support to Ukraine but signaled that the US would not directly confront Russia in Ukraine.

Biden also said that if Russian aggression violates the borders of the NATO territory, World War III is imminent. “We will defend every inch of NATO territory — we have a sacred obligation on NATO territory.”

He also warned that Russia would pay a “severe price” if it used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Biden reacted after Russia accused Ukraine and the US of developing biological and chemical weapons. Western nations say it is a scheme to lay the ground for Moscow’s own possible use of them in the conflict.

“I’m not going to speak about the intelligence, but Russia would play a severe price if they used chemicals,” Biden said as he announced a new set of sanctions against Moscow.

The UN Security Council is set to hold an emergency meeting on Friday at Russia’s request on the alleged manufacture of biological weapons in Ukraine.

Biden also moved Friday to end normal trade relations with Russia, further hammering up pressure on President Vladimir Putin after the devastating invasion of Ukraine.

The United States, like other Western nations, is sending millions of dollars of weapons such anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, as well as sharing intelligence.

But Biden reiterated that US would not directly engage in Ukraine, despite the desperate pleas of many Ukrainians.


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