Saturday, June 22, 2024

Colombia’s president orders opening of embassy in Palestine

Colombia’s Foreign Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo has said the Latin American country’s President Gustavo Petro has ordered the opening of an embassy in Ramallah, Palestine.

The move comes weeks after Petro, Colombia’s first leftist leader, cut diplomatic ties with Israel over the war in Gaza. The embassy was closed on May 3.

“President Petro has given the order that we open the Colombian embassy in Ramallah, the representation of Colombia in Ramallah, that is the next step we are going to take,” Murillo said.

Petro has heavily criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and requested to join South Africa’s case accusing Israel of genocide at the International Court of Justice.

The announcement was made on the same day that Spain, Ireland and Norway announced that they will jointly recognize the State of Palestine on May 28. 

​​”We are sure that more and more countries will recognize Palestine, and this is nothing against Israel or the Jews,” said the Colombian foreign minister. “The United Nations agreed in the context of the Oslo agreements that a two-state solution will be created, and if two states are needed, Palestine needs to be recognized as a full state,” he added.


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