Coronavirus: Spain nears 1 million cases

The Spanish Health Ministry said that the country Tuesday have recorded nearly 14,000 new cases, taking the total to 988,322.

Spain is currently nearing a total of a million coronavirus infections over the course of the pandemic so far.

Spain will be the first European country and the sixth country overall to cross one million COVID-19 cases.

More than 34,000 people have died in the country.

Health experts said the true number of coronavirus infections is probably much higher.

“That’s because insufficient testing, asymptomatic cases, and other issues mean official counts fail to capture the real scale of the outbreak,” they said.

The COVID-19 global death toll is crossed 1.1 million. The current figure on the Johns Hopkins University tracker is 1,110,128, and more than 5,000 new deaths are being reported daily worldwide.

The coronavirus pandemic has sickened more than 40,365,00 people globally.