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“Ex-Zionist” kills South African woman in front of 10-yr-old daughter for Palestine support

A man claiming to be an ex-Zionist stabbed a woman to death and wounded her husband and son in South Africa’s Durban, allegedly for their pro-Palestine views.

Halima Hoosen-Preston was killed in front of her 10-year-old daughter in her home in the early hours of Sunday morning, while her husband and 14-year-old son were critically injured in the brutal assault.

Grayson Beare (44), the suspect, reportedly said he stabbed them “because they supported Palestine.”

He has been charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder according to a police spokesperson cited by local media.

“Upon the arrival at the crime scene, a man was found in possession of a blood-stained knife. A woman was lying on the floor bleeding, so were two men who also had stab wounds. The woman was declared dead at the scene and the two injured victims were rushed to a nearby hospital,” Police spokesperson, Colonel Robert Netshiunda, stated,

10-year-old daughter, who witnessed her mother’s death, told police they were attacked due to their support for Palestine.

“The man also allegedly threatened to rape the little girl, police investigations continue,” Colonel Netshiunda added.

In a video spreading online, Beare claimed that “she (Halima) and her family thought it was entertaining that my cousins were killed in Israel.”

When someone off camera asked him if he was a Jew, he replied “not by identity, but I have family there. I have rejected the religion completely.” Also, he admitted that he was earlier an active Zionist. 

According to reports, Beare is the son of Julian Beare, a business magnate who heads both the Beare Holdings and the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation. 

However, the family has distanced themselves from Beare and his views.

South African Jews for a Free Palestine (SAJFP) condemned the attack on Hoosen-Preston and her family.

“Many insist on fanning the flames of hatred amongst us,” it said.

Alie Komape, campaign manager of Africa4Palestine, emphasised that the incident highlights the violent and aggressive actions of Israeli supporters in South Africa.

Komape mentioned that this was not an isolated event, citing multiple attacks on Palestinian demonstrators in cities like Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg since the beginning of Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza.

“In light of these heinous crimes, we call for calm and composure in our communities. We trust our legal justice system to swiftly prosecute the perpetrator and deliver a sentence fitting the crime,” stated Komape.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in South Africa condemned the “brutal murder” of  “a pro-Palestinian Muslim woman” saying it is outraged by “these senseless attacks…at the hands of Israeli supporters.”

“The alleged perpetrator appears to be a Zionist and Israel supporter, driven by anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia fuelled by the relentless hate-filled Israel’s Zionist propaganda machine in South Africa and globally,” the statement read.

People demanded “Justice for Halima” and protested outside the court, where Beare appeared, wearing keffiyeh and waving Palestinian, on Tuesday.

The case was postponed to June 11, and meanwhile Beare will have to undergo a mental assessment.

The South African government has led a case of genocide against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Nevertheless, the crimes against Palestine supporters are on a rise in the country.

In April, two men with an Israeli flag were seen attacking two women activists in Cape Town, in a viral video.

Palestine supporters clashed with police after a pro-Israel event was set to be held at the Sea Point promenade, a popular family recreational space, in last November.

As tensions arose between the organisers and hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters, the scheduled ‘SA Stands With Israel’ event was cancelled.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 36,586 Palestinians have been killed, and 83,074 injured in Israel’s ongoing genocide.


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