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Humanity has no boundaries; Pakistani expat who takes care of paralysed Indian

Shiv Poojan from Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow came to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in March 2021 on a visit visa hoping to land a job to improve his family’s situation back home. He paid Rs 90,000 to an agent in Mumbai for the visa and to arrange for a job.

But things weren’t as expected. After reaching the UAE, he found out that he was fooled by the agent.

With no job for three months and debts to clear, in a desperate moment, Poojan took an extreme step and jumped from the third floor of his building. He suffered serious injuries due to the fall.

Poojan received treatment at the Rashid Hospital and his health improved but there was no one to support him.

Pakistani expat, Usmanullah Mir Dill Khan, came to know about Poojan’s situation through his friend who works in the hospital and came forward to support his ‘Indian brother’.

Ever since, he has been taking care of Poojan, who is paralysed and is unable to walk or take care of himself following the surgery. Usmanullah also helped Poojan to clear his hospital bills.

“I’ve been looking after Poojan for over two months now. After discharged from the hospital, we brought him to a hotel. I now visit him daily or every alternate day, showers him and clean his room” Khan told Khaleej Times, the UAE-based media outlet.

“My father told me to be a humanist first. Therefore, I never help anyone based on his nationality or religion, I help them because everyone is a human being,” Khan said.

A criminal case is filed against Poojan at Al Riffa Police Station over the suicide attempt. Salam Pappinissery, a social worker and lawyer from Kerala based in Dubai, is supporting Poojan on this legal matter.

As soon as Poojan’s passport is available, he will be able to fly back to his hometown Lucknow.


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