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“I will not give up on my dreams”: Donia Abu Mohsen killed in Israel’s hospital bombing after losing parents, siblings, and a leg

12-year-old Donia Abu Mohsen, whose parents and two siblings were killed in an Israeli bombing and who lost a leg in the attack, has now succumbed to an Israeli airstrike while seeking refuge inside a hospital’s maternity ward.

“The shell penetrated the ceiling and directly hit her. Parts of her head and blood are splattered on the wall as you can see. It is a brutal crime,” Al Jazeera quotes Dr Mohamed Zakout of Nasser Hospital in the southern city of Khan Younis as saying.

Donia had both legs amputated and was receiving treatment in the hospital after she was injured when her house was bombed, killing her family.

“I hope to be a doctor to help people. Now, my life is changing. They have gone. We are alone now without them. I was connected to this life because I was very much connected to my mother, father and siblings who died. But I must continue despite the fact that I will never forget them,” Donia had said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

Donia’s father, mother, and two of her brothers were killed in the first attack. A video shared online shows the immediate aftermath of the Israeli shelling with women and children screaming.

“Finally, she lost her life. The enemy killed Donia and killed all her hopes. The enemy didn’t send us any warning or evacuation order. The enemy didn’t say anything before shelling our department,” Dr Zakout said.


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