Sunday, February 25, 2024

Iran: Nurse recite poems for corona patients

On Saturday, a retired Iranian journalist tweeted a video on an Iranian nurse reciting poems for corona patients in her hospital.

Ms Ahmadi, a nurse at Al-Zahra Hospital in Isfahan, has developed a habit of reciting poems through the microphone to the COVID-19 patients. The gesture has won the internet.

Iran’s health ministry has reported more than 680 daily coronavirus deaths for the first time, as nationwide restrictions to contain the spread of the virus were lifted.

Since late June, the country has experienced what officials have called a “fifth wave” of infections blamed mostly on the spread of the Delta variant.

The one and half minute video is shot by Admadi herself. Many Iranian’s retweeted the video lauding the efforts of medical staffers fighting coronavirus amidst a shortage of medicines and vaccines.

112 thousand people have seen the video of Ahmadi reciting in the busy hospital. Watch:


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