Friday, June 14, 2024

Palestinian boy among eight killed in Jenin assault

At least eight people were killed in total and 21 wounded during an ongoing assault on Jenin in the occupied West Bank which began on Tuesday morning.

Two boys, Osama Abu Hajeer, 16, and Mahmoud Hamadneh, 15, were killed as they were leaving their school. One of them was riding a bicycle when he was shot.

A teacher and a doctor were among the other killed in the Jenin camp during the deadly raid. Israeli forces were shooting indiscriminately at any Palestinian who moved in their vicinity, including people in their cars and families who went to pick up their children from school, which had been cancelled because of the raid.

Allam Jaradat, 48, a teacher, was shot dead in his vehicle as he was also leaving the school.

Israeli troops also opened fire at a group of journalists. Journalist Amr Manasara and two men in the moving car were wounded in the attacks.

Videos show Israeli military bulldozers razing and vandalising roads and infrastructure. Israeli troops also demolished the family home of Ahmed Jaradat, a member of the Islamic Jihad armed wing who was killed by Israeli forces in a drone strike in March.

According to PRCS, the occupation forces targeted the ambulance with live ammunition in the said neighbourhood, causing damage to the ambulance. No injuries were reported among its crews during the shooting attack.

PRCS said the occupation forces detained the ambulance while it was transporting the body of the slain Palestinian to the hospital.


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