Friday, May 24, 2024

Saudi Prince losing $350 million and 5 wives in 6 hours is a hoax!

An online article making the rounds claimed that Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud lost $359m over a six-hour gambling spree at the Sinai Grand Casino in Egypt’s Sharm El Sheik resort zone.

Adding to the prince’s woes, the reports claim he became so desperate for cash that he put up five of his wives in exchange for another $25m in casino credit, which he also lost, then left behind his matrimonial chattel when he finally exited the casino.

The report quoted casino director ‘Ali Shamoon’ saying that it wasn’t the first time that “a customer bets a living creature,” although Shamoon noted that this usually meant camels or horses. Upping the ante, the report then quoted Egypt’s actual foreign minister saying the wives would likely be returned to their homeland within a week, assuming the prince honored his marker.

The website World News Daily Report is the media house that published this piece of news and it is a well known hoax website which specializes in posting hoaxes and made up stories. The disclaimer on their website illustrates this fact but you will have to scroll way down the page to find it.

The hoax story is being widely shared on social media and on Whatsapp as the article plays on the stereotype and popular belief of people that Arabs disrespect women and treat them as property/slaves. However, now that you know the truth do not fall prey to such false news.


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