Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Shrine to Chilean sexual diversity and inclusivity destroyed by haters

The ruins of Chile’s first monument commemorating sexual diversity were found Monday just 10 days after being erected in Santiago Hill, the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) said. Engraved with words of hope for a future free from discrimination and illuminating the concept of mutual respect and equal rights for members of Chile’s LGBTI community, the plaque was put on display Dec. 10.
By Monday morning, the monument was completely destroyed. Activists have requested camera footage from municipal authorities, Movilh leader Rolando Jimenez said.
In a statement, the group said, the “act of vandalism, clearly homophobic and transphobic, aims to damage the historical memory of a social group discriminated against for their sexual orientation and gender identity.” “Tragedy: The first LGBTI monument installed in the Cerro Santa Lucia was attacked. They completely destroyed the commemorative plaque. This is what we do not want in Chile. No more hate attacks.”
Jimenez suspects members of the alt-right may be behind the hateful act, saying, “They think they will achieve their goal, they are wrong, because we will reinstall the plate as many times as necessary. Dignity and human rights will always be rise above crime.”
Earlier this month, the Council of National Monuments and the Municipality of Santiago, sponsored by the Museum of Memory, the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), the National Council of Cultures, the Arts and the Heritage supported the idea behind the monument.
Under the commemorative plaque, a steel capsule was buried with press files, videos, campaigns, human rights reports, photographs and messages from people and institutions in Chile and abroad, which will be uncovered in the year 2118.


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