“Unapologetic islamophobe”: Australian groups protest Tejasvi Surya’s invitation

Dozens of Australian Muslim groups have condemned the decision to invite BJP’s poster boy Tejasvi Surya to speak at the Australia Youth India Dialogue which Is being held In Melbourne and Sydney between May 31 and June 4.

In a statement, the Islamic Council of Victoria called BJP Youth Wing President “an unapologetic islamophobe” and demanded the Australian government revoke Surya’s visa.

In different statements, accessed by Maktoob, Muslim outfits have listed the Islamophobic statements and actions of the Indian lawmaker.

“Some examples of the reported conduct of Mr Surya include, A disrespectful tweet targeting ‘Arab women, creating nuisance in front of an Islamic place of worship and encouraging anti-Muslim sentiment, multiple criminal cases being lodged against Mr Surya, Vandalising the property of the Chief Minister of Delhi, linking terrorism to Islam — says the statement by Australian National Imams Council.

“ANIC is concerned that Mr Surya’s visit and participation at events will threaten the very peace and fabric of Australian society, which is characterised by diversity and respect between people from different backgrounds and faiths”.

A coalition of student Muslim societies raised concerns about the “tirade of Islamophobia” that has been unleashed on AIYD Facebook pages subsequent to the decision from various universities and institutes across Australia to platform Tejasvi Surya in the AIYD 2022 Event.

“Mr. Surya is a highly controversial Indian politician who is a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a far-right Hindutva extremist organisation with well documented fascist roots,” reads the letter by Muslim Students of Australia.

The Australian Alliance Against Hate, a coalition of faith groups and academics, wrote to several partners of the event, including Monash University and the University of Sydney, asking that they withdraw their support for the conference in response to the “deeply divisive and exclusionary ideology” of Surya.