Monday, December 4, 2023

United Nations calls for inquiry into human rights violations in Kashmir

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Indian army have used extreme force in Kashmir and killed and wounded hundreds of civilians since 2016, the United Nations said on Thursday, calling for an international inquiry into alleged violations in the disputed territory.

“In responding to demonstrations that started in 2016, Indian security forces used excessive force that led to unlawful killings and a very high number of injuries,” the report said.

Armed groups in Jammu and Kashmir have committed a range of crimes including kidnappings, killings of civilians and sexual violence, the U.N. report said

The first-ever United Nations Human Rights report on Kashmir calls for international inquiry into multiple violations on both sides of the Line of Control.

There is an urgent need to address human rights violations and abuses and to deliver justice for all people, who have suffered a conflict that has claimed or ruined numerous lives for seven decades’ report said.

The report highlights a situation of chronic impunity for multiple violations committed by security forces in Indian-Administered Kashmir.

“Human rights violations in Pakistan-Administered Kashmir are of a different caliber or magnitude, but they impact heavily on people living in this area” it said, while decrying restrictions on freedoms of expression and association.

Meanwhile, India rejected the UN report saying human rights violations in Kashmir as “fallacious, tendentious and motivated”. In a strong reaction, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said the report is “overtly prejudiced” and seeks to build a “false narrative”

Full report (in .pdf):

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