WhatsApp services back up after major outage

WhatsApp services are back online hours after millions of social media users across the globe were unable to send or receive messages.

Messaging service WhatsApp stopped working since just after noon in India and other countries in what is being seen as its biggest global outage ever. 

Restoration began by 2.15 pm.

Outage detection website DownDetector earlier confirmed that WhatsApp was not working for many users across multiple regions. It started noticing unusually high “problem reports” at 12.07 pm, and had listed thousands of such reports by 1 pm in India, WhatsApp’s biggest market by user base. 

This was WhatsApp’s first major outage since the larger Meta outage on October 5, that took down WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook together, affecting millions of users over several hours before the services were back online.

Meta had acknowledged the outage and said it was working on a fix.


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