CAA Protests: Death toll climbs to 20 including an eight year old boy

Photo: PTI

The latest deaths took the nationwide toll from the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act to 20

An eight-year-old boy and four protesters were killed in police violence on Friday, as unrest over Citizenship (Amendment) Act rages into a second week.

There has been growing disquiet about the law, which gives people from persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries an easier path to citizenship, but not if they are Muslim.

On Friday, demonstrations turned massive in most populous state Uttar Pradesh, where Muslims make up almost 20 percent of the 200-million population.

One of those who were killed in Uttar Pradesh was 27-year-old daily wage labourer Mohammad Bilal and another was a driver, Shehroz, who was killed on his 22nd birthday, a journalist reports.

Police have so far said that the day’s unrest in Uttar Pradesh claimed 11 lives in total, including the child, who was trampled.

Uttar Pradesh police spokesman Shirish Chandra confirmed to AFP that the other 10 people died after being shot.

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