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Analysing dip in Academic Freedom Index: Who takes the deepest plunge?

Dr. Shirin Akhter, Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan The recent revelation on the Academic Freedom Index (AFI) shows that academic freedom has registered a further dip in India. The report notes...

“Aadujeevitham”: Fails in its adaptation, survives on visual grandeur and built-up anticipation

One can understand how the idea of Najeeb’s Iman in the novel is universalised into Hope in the film. This might appear as nit picking but given the current situation, I cannot help but highlight how Islamic narratives are appropriated by liberal language use. 

Democracy is at stake as India gears up for national elections

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent speeches has expressed confidence in coming back to power for...

Gangs, kidnappings, murders: Why thousands of Rohingya are desperately trying to escape refugee camps by boats

Ruth Wells, UNSW Sydney and Max William Loomes, UNSW Sydney Late last week, a boat crammed with Rohingya refugees...

Electoral Bonds: A game theoretic enquiry into who gains at whose cost?

Shirin Akhter and Vijender Singh Chauhan The debate around electoral bonds in India has brought to the fore a...

Watching ‘Dune’ from the East

Second part of the 'Dune' film series, adapted from Frank Herbert’s novel of the same title and directed by Denis Villeneuve with a stellar cast of globally acclaimed actors like Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya and Javier Bardem, is gaining attention worldwide. Rising Box office collections and high ratings have made it a remarkable success. 

WTO conference ends in division and stalemate – does the global trade body have a viable future?

Jane Kelsey, University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau The 13th World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial conference in Abu Dhabi has failed to resolve any issues of significance, raising the inescapable...
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Politically, yours

Now “nice” irks me. It has come to represent people saying “violence is not the answer” to a genocide; it’s those who only post as per their brand but celebrate temples; it’s not finding the mirror when we talk about an occupation and Kashmir; ‘nice’ is social reputation, it is a performance. It is a ploy, a facade to make you “like” people and not even the right kind. 

Breaking silence: Suicide as a radical confrontation with injustice

How can Aaron Bushnell's suicide be explained when it occurs in the face of genocidal states? It becomes an act of resistance, an attack, and a slap to racial states.
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Christchurch assailant discussed attacks online a year before carrying them out: research

Chris Wilson, University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau; Ethan Renner, University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau; Jack Smylie, University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau, and Michal Dziwulski, University of...

Manjummel Boys: a proletarian determination

The notable aspect of Manjummel Boys is that each character is thoughtfully crafted with depth and nuance, resulting in a well-rounded and engaging cast. Undoubtedly, Manjummel Boys will be known for its exemplary making as film in the future. 
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Premalu: “JK ” How innocent is this kidding?

Some might call me a spoil sport for this, but I really did keep it all aside while watching, minute after minute and I am in immense awe of the clever dialogues, warming humour and attentive observations. But like how a "jk" isn't always so innocent, some benefit of doubt needn't always be given.

Ghettoization of Muslim Gujjars in Kashmir

Born into the world's largest transhumance Tribal family (Gujjar & Bakerwal), being a religious-linguistic minority, and a militancy-affected child left agony and pain in me. As a child of...
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Ayodhya’s urban facelift: Development or constitutional overreach?

Anuj Behal with Tushar Kanoi Following the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya last month, significant strides in development have swiftly taken shape within the historically contested city. The...

Man, Memory and Mammootty: Watching ‘Bramayugam’

Mammootty unleashes himself as the provider and protector of certain ugly truths in this parochial private setting. The bodily movements (even the lack of it) allow the spectator to understand the dynamic in which the narrative intends to move.
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Art Deco, aspiration, and air in middle cinema

I was already a mother when I first came to know that the house I live in is called Art Deco by architects and academics.

Ram Mandir and Hindutva Fascist myth of Decolonisation

Rebrahmanization does not mean decolonisation and no amount of semantic sanitation and erasure will change that.
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