India! Stop the idiocy, flatten the curve

Modi’s address to the nation displayed his impotence to acknowledge the crisis and understand the gravity of the pandemic. Janata Curfew, An event he wants to put up in his resume have put millions in vulnerability by both taking the spread lightly and unleashing a massive misinformation campaign to support his idiocy. The mass gets delusional to such propaganda when it comes from the stakeholders. But what comes after the curfew?

A new set of guidelines including locking down 75 districts came out on Sunday. But it’s just a tip of the iceberg, India has 640 Districts and nobody knows how it is bordered. movement of potential carriers needs to be stopped by putting facts above myth, in every language and cultural capital. Wuhan is impossible for India due to its broken economy and uncategorised human resource. Moreover, the spread is not concentrated on a region. Twenty-two states have confirmed cases along with many speculations about underreporting.

India needs to get its shit together and understand that its dense population, massive lack of medical infrastructure and geopolitical diversity will make India a hotbed for the pandemic. Every major city has Ghettos and unhygienic localities who can easily be exposed to carriers due to the interlinking social structure. Malnutrition, the direct threat of other viral diseases and outbreaks keeps India on the edge.

UK’s chief scientific adviser says Keeping the number of deaths from coronavirus to less than 20,000 would be “a good outcome”.  It’s about his homeland. In India, even such an assessment will take a year and its not something the Modi government think about.

Last year, about 150 children were killed due to brain fever in Bihar. The state primarily denied that there were an outbreak. Pride and politics have killed many in Independent India and Modi is someone with blood in his hand.

Although 90% of the cases are mild, to attend the cases and to ensure medical support becomes the challenge. Italy, which had one of the best medical infrastructures collapsed as their quality of service needed more quantity. the number of hospital beds in India, according to the world bank in 2011, is 0.7 per thousand people. physicians 0.8 as per 2017 data. We desperately need time.

Flattening the curve is the best bet to fight corona now. Delay the spread, give time to scientist and biomedical researchers to find better solutions. Stop hospital systems from being overwhelmed. In a race against time, increase the capacity and add beds as rapidly as possible. That’s not something you or I can do; it’s up to the government.

India, to save itself will have to deliberately work to bring back compassion in their social structure. especially in micro-communities lending out for neighbourhoods. Self-quarantine will have to creep into larger parameters without risking virus transmission. In lockdowns, people may need different kinds of help. if the neighbourhood is not ready to help, the person will have to move out.

The illness will bring a lot of stigmas along, making the very existence of the potential patient’s life at risk. It may not be the virus but the social boycott and insane myths that would harm the person. Then people will tend to hide, but the virus is obedient to hide.

Every country is on its own. The Messiah’s of the west is busy in their ICU. Realising the crisis, forecasting the possibilities and being prepared might help us get along in the turbulence. Funds reserved for defence have to be taken and channelled to build infrastructure. Basic palliation and voluntary nursing help should be domesticated to allow hospitals to maintain the capacity to tackle, Corona primarily and other outbreaks India routinely have during Summer.

Social distancing, a measure of care at the moment need to be looked beyond its literal meaning. India which already practise social distancing through caste and class doesn’t need to believe their exercise will help them. Dependence on each other and community building through proper infrastructure and education is the possible way out of it.

When US and Trump administration will go down in history as the most inhumane government by imposing new sanctions to pandemic hit, crippling Iran. Modi will be remembered for his betrayal to Kashmir, ignorance of warnings and treason towards a whole nation in the time of Corona.

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