Mumbai Corporation asks ‘overcharging’ private hospital to return Rs 1 lakh to COVID-19 patient

Acting on complaints from Covid-19 patients about overcharges bills, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (BMC) has asked a South Mumbai hospital to return Rs 1 lakh to a discharged patient, TOI reported.

BMC had started action against private hospitals in Mumbai overcharging patients.

The state government has appointed five IAS officers to check the details of 36 prominent private hospitals in the city to ensure they are sharing patient-related details.

According to Times of India, the state has asked private hospitals to display the government-fixed rate chart at their gates to make patients aware of it.

One more case reported in India’s financial capital in which a hospital in Borivli has been served a show-cause notice for demanding Rs 4 lakh more from a family before releasing their patient’s body.

The same hospital was insisting on the extra payment before releasing the body; the family had already paid Rs 5 lakh in bills, BMC officials said.

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