“She has music instincts,” A R Rahman on his mother

Legendary music composer AR Rahman’s mother Kareema Begum has passed away.

Rahman posted a picture of his mother on his social media page and confirmed the news.

It is said that Kareema Begum passed away due to ill health.

Rahman was always close to his mother and often remembered her during his stage shows and also while receiving several accolades across the globe.

Earlier during an interaction with Chennai Times, Rahman said: “She has music instincts. Spiritually she is much higher than me in the way she thinks and takes decisions. For instance, her decision of making me take up music. She made me leave school in Class XI and take up music and it was her conviction that music is the line for me.”

Earlier, in an interview, Oscar-winning composer had talked about how his mother was pivotal in his success. He had also said that his popular patriotic song Maa Tujhe Salaam was actually written for his mother. “I had this in my mind on how to crack it because I was very objective about it, thinking whether patriotism will work or not. So, I was like, forget about the country, let’s do it as a personal song — like singing a song for one’s mother. That’s how it was created,” Rahman had told IANS.